Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My inspiration!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Today's blog is going to be about Talia Castellano. You may or may not know her, but Talia is a huge inspiration to everyone! She has been fighting two forms of cancer now for several years and she has been so brave and courageous through the process. Talia is a youtuber who does make up tutorials, other beauty videos and vlogs about her experience of cancer so far. Talia has fought and fought this horrible disease and its so sad to say there's no options of treatment left. However she is staying brave and positive, like the true inspiration she is <3

Talia was the first ever beauty guru I watched on youtube and from then on I began to love make up and started watching many other beauty gurus. Talia was the reason for my love of make up and has inspired me to try out new techniques and even start my own channel showing others. Also she has shown me how to be a stronger person, she's gone through so much and yet she still comes out smiling with this happy, bubbly personality of hers!

Talia, you are my idol, you're beautiful, hilarious,strong, brave and just every good word under the sun! You've inspired me to want to be a make up artist or take an interest into the world of make up, I'm so happy I came across your videos as you always put a smile on my face with that amazing personality of yours, stay strong <3
As Talia says 'just keep swimming' live your life to the full, try new experiences and stay positive!
Thank you for reading! <3

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  1. Yes, I Agree Talia Is A Great Role Model No Matter What Your Age, We Can All Learn From Her. I Also Found Her On U Tube Her Great Way Of Demonstrating, You can't Go Wrong Just Be Brave Add Lots Of Colors Of Shadow And Blend, Blend, Blend. So No More Pink shadow In The Corners And Black Pn The Outer Lid For Me ;) Ive Collected A Huge Amount Of A Rainbow Of Shadows, Blush, Liners And Polishes To Blend...Blend...Blend! I Hope Her Family Keeps Her U Tube Vids Up For Others To Continue To Experiance Talia's Magic After... A Day Without Talia Is Like A Day Without Sunshine.


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